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An Outstanding Performance by Ben-Gurion Honors MBA Team at John Molson MBA International Case Competition
Once again a team from BGU’s HMBA Program participated in the John Molson School of Business MBA International Case Competition and won four of their five cases! Up against the best and the brightest, our team displayed their remarkable skills in analysis, strategy and delivery of complex business plans. Not only did they demonstrate top-notch intellectual prowess but they also performed with heart.

BGU’s team competed against UdeM’s HEC, The Aalto University School of Business from Finland, Paderborn Universitat from Germany, The University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and Concordia’s JMSB, and won the last four of these cases. Participation in the semi-finals depended on leading in the individual divisions of the Competition; having been placed in the same division as the University of Minnesota, the ultimate winner, BGU did not lead this division. However, the one time the Minnesota team tasted defeat was when beaten by BGU!

David Brock, BGU’s coach, analysed the situation after Case 5 against JMSB: "We were up against the host institution, Concordia University. On paper we have a stronger team; and the fact that the case was about renewable energy gave us an additional advantage (because all team members had done projects on various business aspects of renewable energy during their MBA studies). Concordia made a fairly good presentation, followed by our team once again hitting it out the park. Very similar performance/comparison’s to yesterday.

Again the judges awarded it to us, with a 6-5 margin. Again, I am happy to be on the winning team - for the 4th (of 5) competitions in the round robin. Again (like yesterday) most people expected a wider margin in our favour.”

“Of the 36 teams, only 2 won all 5 contests, and 7 teams (including BGU) won 4. However, due to the complex playoff calculations, unfortunately we did not make the semi-finals. We are all pretty disappointed - just to illustrate why we feel hard-done by: BGU won 4 cases and earned a total of 130 points. Notre Dame won 3 and earned 107 points, yet made the playoffs. [Notre Dame won in its division, the criterion for making the semi-finals.]

Nevertheless, looking back, I am very proud of what we achieved for this relatively new and small business school in the Negev. Winning 4 of 5 contests at this level is an amazing achievement. In fact I think it’s an example of CHUTSPAH that we actually expect to win!”

What were the keys to our success? I would say that the involvement of our alumni was a huge factor, bringing their experience from prior Montreal competitions. Meital Mundrian (HMBA-7) was our assistant coach and really 95% responsible for training the team over the past 6 months. Leanne Gur-esh (HMBA-9) joined the team in Montreal as a bonus member of the support staff. Einav Arviv (HMBA-9), Raz Attias (HMBA-9), Adena Goldberger (HMBA-9), Tamar Lehman (HMBA-9), and Guy Solomon (HMBA-7) all came to contribute as guest judges and general advisors during the Beer-Sheva training period. Also, Prof. Amos Drory, Prof. Dov Dvir, and Andy Hirsch, JD, acted as guest judges and shared their wisdom along the way.”

The Montreal CABGU people were amazing - coming along to each contest to support and encourage us. It was great to get to know you. I sincerely hope that we can bring another team to this wonderful competition next year and make us all proud once again. Best wishes for a (continued) successful 2014!”


Robert Elman, CABGU Quebec President, added these comments: "What we witnessed this week was maturity, intellect, wisdom, confidence, agility, quick thinking, humility, warmth, and downright mentshlichkeit, from a Real Team in magnificent harmony. We are so very proud of you - you brought honour to yourselves, your school, your country and your families. You gave it your all and nothing was held back. Kol Hakavod!

The students and their coaches were presented to the business and professional community on January 5 at a cocktail event following the official opening of the Competition. Israeli Consul Alon Melchior was present and graciously provided the wine for this event. We are very grateful for the support of our corporate sponsors, whose participation has contributed to these students' professional enrichment.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, we have raised the funds necessary to finance the 2014 BGU team participation at the competition. But we don't want to stop there: With your help we will create a new CABGU scholarship fund, offer our local Quebec youth the chance to connect with Israel's innovative spirit and study Business & Commerce at BGU.

Watch a short video presentation showcasing the competition’s corporate sponsors.

Meet BGU’s HMBA Team and learn what inspired them to study business at BGU.
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