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Healthy Eating & Conquering Obesity

The War on Obesity

One in every fourth person worldwide is either overweight or obese. Projected to surpass the harmful impact on health caused by infectious diseases by the end of the decade, “globesity” is expected to worsen before it gets better. At BGU, specialists from a variety of disciplines are working together to help people live longer, healthier lives through improved nutrition. Their groundbreaking research could identify environmental and lifestyle changes to treat and prevent obesity and its associated disorders, such as diabetes 2, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

Help BGU Expand its Groundbreaking Nutrition Research

The globesity pandemic and its current toll on human health leaves little doubt that there is a need to prevent and treat obesity and its associated diseases.

BGU’s medical doctors, environmental physicists, geneticists, biochemists and nutrition specialists have joined together to advance the fight against globesity. They are creating both preventive and therapeutic applications to stop weight gain and save lives.

Some of the Ways Your Contribution Can Support Nutrition Research

We need your help to continue this groundbreaking research.

  • Support the management of the Israeli nutrition database
  • Purchase equipment for research
  • Fund research laboratories
  • Provide fellowships for graduate and postgraduate researchers
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