From heat waves, devastating floods and forest fires in British Columbia, to severe famine in Africa, and terrifying earthquakes and tsunamis in Asia and the Pacific, now more than ever, we are feeling the worldwide environmental consequences of global warming and climate change. In 2021, Ben-Gurion University (BGU) located in Israel’s Negev Desert, introduced Israel’s first School of Sustainability and Climate Change, designed to bring together nature and technology to find solutions to some of the world’s largest environmental challenges.

Among its many areas of research, the school and its academics, researchers and students are revolutionizing the way human beings relate to, live, and thrive within desert environments.

Here are five unique reasons that Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is leading the way in sustainability and climate change:

  1. Lived experience: BGU has five decades of experience and expertise in desert living – This post-secondary academic and research institute has earned its reputation as an environmental authority. BGU has been conducting research into environmental issues for five decades which makes it an authority on these matters. It is also the only Israeli university to be located in the Negev Desert which makes up 60% of Israel’s land mass.
  2. Track record: Research conducted at BGU is helping solve global environmental issues – According to the United Nations (UN), one third of the world’s land mass is desert, and 2.1 billion people live in desert and dryland environments. To find solutions to some of the most complex environmental challenges facing the world today, the environment must first be studied, researched, and understood. The research findings at BGU could help other nations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and around the world find solutions to real-life global problems.
  3. Academic depth: The School of Sustainability and Climate Change at BGU is interdisciplinary, home to 150 research labs – This means that the resources needed to perform accurate research into life within desert and dryland environments are readily available. In addition, since BGU is an interdisciplinary institution, researchers and students are able to collaborate across a variety of departments and take a wider, 360-degree approach to the research it is conducting.
  4. Leadership: A leader who has walked the walk – BGU is led by its President, Professor Daniel Chamovitz, a man who leads by example when it comes to the environment. Professor Chamovitz has a PhD in plant genetics and is recognized internationally as a research scientist promoting plant sciences and their contribution to feeding the growing world population.

Be a part of writing humanity’s next chapter! BGU Canada will host two major fundraising events in June for the School of Sustainability and Climate Change.

Join us for the upcoming “Ben-Gurion Gala Dinner for Sustainability and Climate Change” taking place in Vancouver on June 9 th , 2022. The event will honour Martin Thibodeau, RBC Royal Bank, Regional President, for his commitment to building community, diversity and the environment.

For details, head to our website:

You can also join us in Montreal for “The Main Event – The Next 50” on June 14 th at Congregation Shaar Hashomayim. The event will feature Cantor Gideon Zelermyer and the Ensemble of the Atelier Lyrique of the Opera de Montreal.