The Cause

The Canada Fund to Advance Brain Research at BGU was established by Canadian Associates of Ben-Gurion University (CABGU) to support ground-breaking and cutting-edge research being conducted at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), and more specifically at the Zlotowski Centre for Neuroscience. Proceeds from “An ‘Unorthodox’ National Virtual Gala for Brain Research” will support:

  • special research projects
  • undergraduate scholarships
  • graduate fellowships
  • the purchase of equipment
  • recruiting top calibre researchers

Scientists at BGU are studying the brain in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago. The university known for thinking outside-the-box needs your help! Your support and contribution will ensure that ground-breaking research at Israel’s Nation Building University continues to thrive and lead the way.

Did you know that:

1. Dr. Deborah Toiber has made a revolutionary discovery finding that SIRT6 protein is a critical one for the prevention of neurodegeneration which can lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases?

2. Dr. Shelly Levy-Tzedek’s lab studies the effect of age and disease on the control of body movement and how best to employ robotics to facilitate a fast and efficient rehabilitation process?

3. Dr. Claude Brodski’s findings, although in the early stages, offer a disease modified drug target that will address the devastating condition of Parkinson’s?

4. Professor Alon Friedman is conducting groundbreaking research combining advanced diagnostic techniques to detect a leaking brain blood barrier (the cause for some serious brain conditions) with an anti-inflammatory drug that will slow or reverse cognitive decline?

For more information please contact Alysse at or 416 665 8054 ext. 20

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