After the last few years, we deserve some positivity, to believe again in what is worthy and promising in the world.

The truth is, there is a lot of good news all around us… if you know where to look.

Ben-Gurion University, for instance, is making huge strides in autism research with unique technologies for identifying autism at early ages to determine the severity of symptoms.

BGU researchers are innovating with textile reinforced concrete (TRC) for minimizing CO2 emissions and water waste green infrastructure to mitigate climate change in cities.

In another department, researchers have stopped the development of type 1 diabetes in newly diagnosed children through clinical trials, demonstrating that the infusion of a key protein could eliminate the need for insulin injections in those patients.

The Jewish New Year signals new beginnings, a chance to start over and refresh our outlook.

Let’s make 5873 the year we leave negativity behind and only invest in what is meaningful and drives impact.

When you give to Ben-Gurion University Canada, you are contributing to new and exciting ideas, innovations that will not only enrich the lives of Israelis but benefit all of us sharing this planet.

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Together there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

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