Your support will help fund research, promote climate education and awareness, 
advance climate policy and advocacy, empower vulnerable communities and 
support conservation and restoration efforts.

Related Projects Currently Underway at BGU

1. Coral Reef Restoration Research

Coral reefs in Israel's Gulf of Eilat are under severe human pressure and declining in size, health, and beauty, but BGU researchers are pioneering coral restoration methods to combat their decline. Their efforts include coral transplantation, 3D printing of support structures, and creating “coral carpets” to save the reefs from extinction.

2. Climate Change Research

Climate change adversely affects food production, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions already facing agricultural challenges. Professor Amit Gross’s research focuses on optimizing growth conditions for fish and salt-tolerant crops, enhancing nutrient value and yield. This approach offers a promising solution for agricultural production in unsuitable environments, with potential global impact on future food security.

3. Food Security & Agricultural Production

European wine producers are studying Israel's innovative approaches to cope with harsh climate conditions and prepare for the future impacts of climate change. Israel's expertise in viticulture in arid regions, particularly in the Negev, has attracted global interest. Wineries like Yatir in Tel-Arad are hosting international delegations to learn about their unique vineyard system, which combines the expertise of agronomists, water scientists, biologists, and biochemists to study plant behavior under challenging environmental conditions.
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