BGU launches $1B campaign to rebuild south

Source: Israel Hayom -

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has launched a $1 billion fundraising campaign called "Way Forward" to strengthen Israel's future through the Negev region.

The ambitious campaign has already secured $380 million from donors like Sylvan Adams, Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt, and the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

After the devastating Hamas attacks that heavily impacted BGU's community, the campaign took on greater urgency. As the largest Negev employer, BGU is vital for the region's economic vitality and will lead rebuilding efforts.

The funds will support capital projects ($500 million), student aid ($250 million), and research excellence ($250 million). BGU has been central to developing the Negev over the past 50 years, transforming the desert into an innovation hub. Following the tragedy, BGU's dual role in fostering research and building the Negev is clearer than ever. The campaign puts into action Americans for Ben-Gurion University's mission of building a movement committed to improving the world through Ben-Gurion's pioneering vision for Israel's future emerging from the Negev.

"From its inception, Ben-Gurion University has had a major role in building the future of Israel through developing the Negev," BGU President Professor Daniel Chamovitz said. "Over the past half-century, we have accomplished the remarkable in transforming the desert into a center of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In the wake of the tragedy of October 7th, the dual calling of BGU – the fostering of cutting-edge research and building the Negev – is clearer than ever. We are proud to take a central role in continuing to build Israel's future from the Negev."

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