We continue to stand in solidarity with the victims and their families within the BGU community and across Israel during this unimaginably difficult time.

Many of you have asked us how you can help. As a result, Ben-Gurion University Canada has set up BGU’s Resilience Fund. Your donation will directly support the most vulnerable members of our beloved BGU Community in the following ways:

Aid the BGU Resilience Center in providing much-needed counseling, housing, and more.

A number of BGU employees and students who live near campus have had their homes damaged or even destroyed as a result of this attack; many have had to evacuate. BGU has recently created a new “Resilience Center” in Beer-Sheva for all members of the community to provide:
1. Immediate psychological and social counseling
2. Temporary housing for those whose homes have been destroyed or declared unsafe
3. Financial aid
4. And more

Provide resources to students called to the front lines through the IDF Reservist Program.

As we speak, students all over Israel are being called up to reserve duty, including BGU students. Each year, 1,500+ active Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reservists are enrolled in degree programs at BGU. Many of these reservists have already been called up for service while simultaneously managing devasting losses and emotional trauma. Your donation will enable BGU to help them continue their academic studies while also offering a myriad of supplemental services to support their families’ needs.

How BGU has been helping since October 7, 2023:
1. Over 500 of BGU's medical, nursing and social work students have been volunteering at Soroka Medical Center with the thousands of wounded.
2. Scores of other students are directing a massive logistics operation for food and supply donations.
3. BGU has opened its dorms to medical personnel and soldiers.

Canadians Stand with Israel

This week, vigils and rallies were held across Canada in support of Israel.

📢Freedom of speech is not ❌ freedom from accountability

Read this important message from BGU President Prof. @DanielChamovitz urging fellow university presidents to condemn hate on campus.

A must-read ➡️ #campus #antisemitism #bengurionuniversity

Noa Argamani, a promising student set to begin her journey of BGU's Leaders program, is one of the hostages tragically held in Gaza. Noa is an exceptional BGU student, we pray for wellbeing and to come back home.

Learn more about Noa.


BGU's archives uncovered a 60-year-old letter 📝 discovered by Jeff Kaye VP of the university, the letter prompted David Ben-Gurion's response, expressing that peace with the Arabs would materialize when they desired it.
🗞 For details ⬇️

#israel #peace

Prof. Reli Hershkovitz, dean at @BenGurionU, shares her personal account of Oct. 7, student volunteers, and the surge of antisemitism on global campuses. "Combatting significant #antisemitism against our students is crucial.” #Israel

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