During these unprecedented times, world Jewry is being called upon to support the people of Israel and their fight for survival. That is why we at Ben-Gurion University Canada (BGU Canada) have decided to dedicate our Gala on Sunday, December 3rd to the perseverance and strength of Israelis living in the south of Israel.

The "NEGEV STRONG Gala" - An Evening of BGUnity (previously known as the "Future is Now Gala") will highlight the heroes in Israel who are courageously standing up to evil, those who have already lost their lives and those who continue to defend Israel and her right to exist.

There are many urgent needs right now on the ground in the south of Israel.

If you can’t attend the Gala but wish to make a donation, you can do so by filling out and submitting the form below.

Proceeds from the"NEGEV STRONG Gala" will go to:

1. Temporary housing for those whose homes have been destroyed or declared unsafe

2. Psychological services for students and community members suffering from trauma

3. Provide resources to students called to the front lines

4. Financial aid and more...
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