WATCH: The Israel Summit – A Celebration of Strength and Resilience

Join The Jerusalem Post on January 9 for "The Israel Summit: A Celebration of Strength and Resilience."

The event is dedicated to honoring the enduring spirit of the State of Israel, including inspiring stories from October 7 and the country's efforts to rebuild the South today.

Other topics of discussion: The significance of aliyah, why to buy Blue-and-White and how becoming an online activist makes a difference for Israel. 

Israel Summit Speakers:

  • Isaac Herzog, President
  • Nir Barkat, Economy Minister
  • Ofir Sofer, Aliyah Minister
  • Gil Shwed, CEO, Check Point
  • Dr. Eran Harary, Psychiatrist and Senior Vice President, Teva’s Global R&D
  • Dr. Dov Albukrek, Chief Medical Officer, Meuhedet
  • Inbar Shashua Bar-Nir, Chairwoman, Shashua Family Foundation
  • Tali Shalem Taub, CEO, Holy Gems
  • Steave Wearp, Founder, Blessed Buy Israel
  • Prof. Daniel Chamovitz, President, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Dr. Mike Evans, Founder and Chairman, Friends of Zion Heritage Center
  • Yehuda Kohn, Director, Bet Sabah Emunah Elazraki Children’s Home
  • Rivi Kirshtein, Educational Programs Director, Nefesh Yehudi
  • Amit Solvy, Chairman, Kibbutz Be’eri
  • Rachel Goldberg-Polin, Mother, American-Israeli Hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin
  • Aleeza Ben Shalom, Host, ‘Jewish Matchmaking’, Netflix
  • Emily Austin, TV Personality & Pro-Israel Activist
  • Majed El Shafie, Founder and President, One Free World International

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To learn more about the event:

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