During these unprecedented times, world Jewry is being called upon to support the people of Israel and their fight for survival. That is why we at Ben-Gurion University Canada (BGU) have launched BGU Resilience Fund.

There are many urgent needs right now on the ground in the south of Israel.

Proceeds from the Fund will go to:

1. Temporary housing for those whose homes have been destroyed or declared unsafe
2. Psychological services for students and community members suffering from trauma
3. Providing resources to students called to the front lines through the IDF Reservist Program
4. Financial aid and more...

Canadians Stand with Israel

Vigils and rallies were held across Canada in support of Israel.

📢Freedom of speech is not ❌ freedom from accountability

Read this important message from BGU President Prof. @DanielChamovitz urging fellow university presidents to condemn hate on campus.

A must-read ➡️ #campus #antisemitism #bengurionuniversity

Noa Argamani, a promising student set to begin her journey of BGU's Leaders program, is one of the hostages tragically held in Gaza. Noa is an exceptional BGU student, we pray for wellbeing and to come back home.

Learn more about Noa.


BGU's archives uncovered a 60-year-old letter 📝 discovered by Jeff Kaye VP of the university, the letter prompted David Ben-Gurion's response, expressing that peace with the Arabs would materialize when they desired it.
🗞 For details ⬇️

#israel #peace

Prof. Reli Hershkovitz, dean at @BenGurionU, shares her personal account of Oct. 7, student volunteers, and the surge of antisemitism on global campuses. "Combatting significant #antisemitism against our students is crucial.” #Israel

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